A Letter From Our Founder....

Having been in self isolation for the past 6-7 weeks, I have had a great deal of time to reflect on the current and ongoing COVID19 situation.

As a business owner, my heart goes out to all of the fellow small business owners who have been shut down such as restaurants and retail stores as I understand how challenging running a business is - even in a "normal" environment.

I want to personally thank the "TRUE HEROES" - the doctors, nurses, medical support staff, truck drivers, grocery store and fast food attendants, first responders, military personnel and many, many more who put their LIVES at risk in order to provide safety and food to all of us at home.  

Anxiety and uncertaintly has TEMPORARILY taken over.  However, there is ONE thing that ALWAYS overtakes uncertainty and fear - LOVE.  LOVE has, since the BEGINNING OF TIME, overtaken fear and uncertaintly and will continue to do so until the END OF TIME!  This time is NO EXCEPTION.  With LOVE, we will beat this pandemic and many, many more situations like it.

Things WILL return to NORMAL!  LOVE will PERSIST!

I want to thank all of our clients for your support.  Over the past 9 years, I have been involved in providing a little LOVE through TENS OF THOUSANDS of engagements!  I have HUNDREDS of emails from clients who have purchased our jewelry to celebrate BEATING CANCER, birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.  I cherish EVERY single email and letter as it brings happiness to me knowing that I personally brought JOY and LOVE to someone's life.

I will continue my journey to bring LOVE and HAPPINESS to many many more in the future.

We are OPEN for business and will continue to spread LOVE throughout this world.  And we ALL will survive and thrive!

Thank you again and be safe!


Blue Chip Jewelry